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Designing & Implementing Effective Structures


Most people desire the orderly transfer to their beneficiaries of the wealth they have accumulated over their lifetime. As important is the transfer of these assets in a way that preserves the values and wishes of the individual/s transferring the assets and maximizes the ultimate gift by minimizing the portion lost to taxes.​

When the beneficiaries are children or other descendants or family members, there is often a need to ensure the transfer occurs in a manner that promotes and enhances the family unit after the passing of the grantor.

When the beneficiary is a charity or other non-natural person, the need is to ensure the bequest is used in a manner that matches the values of the grantor, whose values inspired the gift in the first place.

At Strandlife Financial, we assist clients in designing and implementing effective structures to transfer the wealth they have spent a lifetime creating. The ultimate goal is to ensure the wishes of our client are executed.​

Our process starts with identifying each client’s goals through in-depth consultation with the client and their advisors, including attorneys, CPAs and business managers. We quantify the goals through modeling out the effect of any number of changing hypothetical variables such as taxes, interest rates and investment returns. We then design structures to help meet these goals and assist in the implementation of the plan.

At every step of the way, emphasis is put on reducing complexity and preserving the overall bequest by minimizing current and future income, estate, gift and inheritance taxes.