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The president of Strandlife Financial Group started his career trading the futures market, working with large institutional investors hedging their investment strategies.  He soon moved on to work for Merrill Lynch and Equitable before launching Strandlife Financial Group.   He took all the big corporate experience and coupled it with a hand holding level of service while providing industry leading knowledge.  Strandlife Financial Group provides a range of innovative financial products, services, and strategies to assist corporations, businesses,  as well as high net worth individuals to preserve, protect, and enhance their assets.  Strandlife Financial Group also assists large corporations to administer their complex benefits to their employees while tailoring each plan to the needs and specific situations of each business.

We strive to exceed expectations at every step of the process and build lasting relationships with our clients.​​​

Our investment approach is to play the long game, and to focus on asset allocation and risk management, rather than to try to beat the markets.  Strandlife Financial Group differentiates itself by offering clients not only personal wealth management services, but also a wide array of corporate services for small and medium size businesses as well.